Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hipster Teacher

Not me

You know how hipsters really like the indie band that nobody's ever heard of? Good or not, an unknown band will beat out a famous artist any day. Then they complain when that band gets famous or "sells out" by having songs featured on TV shows or movies or whatever. At least they can still say, "I knew them before..."

Part of me feels that way with you guys (anyone reading this). I get a lot out of discussing teaching, math, and everything else through blog comments and twitter and everything else. I get why I should share my experiences here with my companion teachers (although I don't think many of them would actually do it), but then the hipster in me comes out and I don't want to give up my trade-secrets!

Maybe one day I'll get around to giving a professional-development talk to the teachers in my area about the usefulness of a PLN and the online component of that, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying the spoils for myself!


  1. I get what you're saying. But y'know how when the hipster starts telling you about the super-cool band they found through obscure means, you half-listen once but forget about it until you hear the band on the radio? I think sharing the online PLN is like that.

    I've tried to share with people I know. I have a some friends who at least read a few of the favorite blogs. But mostly people will read the one entry I send them to, nod, and disappear.

    So share! Because bonding over a favorite obscure band (or blog) is always fun.

  2. I have pretty much the same attitude, but I don't think I ever really articulated it before. Thanks. Mine has an added aspect of, like, it's easy enough to freaking Google "math teacher blog," I shouldn't have to hold anybody's hand.

  3. I misread your opinion at first, but I get you now. I'm doing a blog session in a couple weeks, but maybe I should rethink it. I mean, by not sharing my PLN, I can pass off all of these great ideas as my own. Hmmm... :)