Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Differentiating the Holidays

I am shamelessly stealing this from a coworker. It is a horrible way to come back after a long hiatus of no blog posts. I apologize. I have blog posts in my head, but am not motivated enough to write.

I also hate the idea of FWD FWD FWD e-mails, but I did think this one was fun enough to share beyond our school:

The Top Ten Ways to Differentiate Thanksgiving Dinner

10. Serve all of your guests on different-sized plates
9. Make each of your guests focus on just one or two foods instead of the whole buffet
8. Eat in shifts in different rooms
7. Let your visual guests just enjoy looking at the food while your kinesthetic guests get to eat it
6. Allow the turkey to have a say as to whether he should be oven-roasted or deep-fried
5. Serve dessert first, then the hot dogs
4. Pair everyone up with an eating buddy
3. Serve the simpler foods first like mashed potatoes and work your way into the more complex foods after your guests have showed mastery of eating
2. Allow your quick eaters to put their food in a blender for faster consumption
And the number one way to differentiate Thanksgiving Dinner…
1. Serve Thanksgiving, but call it a Fourth of July celebration

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